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Task Management Solutions for Total Work Force Automation

Regulatory Compliance
Preventive Maintenance
Corporate Standards
Workflow Control

You demand it. we help you enforce it.

AustinDetek presents FTMS, the software for rapid and real-time management of all your mobile and in-facility tasks and operations. FTMS empowers your work force by ensuring the availability of vital and accurate information when it is needed the most.

Organizations with a field task force need to empower the managers, supervisors and the workers with a complete tool for efficient task management. Whether the work is installation, inspection, maintenance, repair, asset management or field readings, placing computing power and decision-making capability in the hands of your field service technicians creates greater efficiency in your organization. Interested in a complete transformation of your business? Implement FTMS today. Together, we'll make your concept a reality!

Leverage Pocket PC and barcode scanning

Life has never been this easy. Tasks once executed only using paper or a computer can now be easily completed using a Pocket PC. FTMS Task Management software is a revolutionary program that can guide your workforce to perform outstanding assignments by simply scanning the barcode of the respective item. Your workforce can then view the appropriate assignments for the scanned item and execute the required procedures.

Automate delegation and follow-up

Any effective task management program requires timely execution of many recurring tasks. FTMS task management software helps to automate delegation and follow-up but complex tasks carried out at remote field locations by providing precise instructions to the field personnel over the Workstations, laptops or Pocket PC and obtaining instant compliance reports on the tasks carried out. Whether you need to maintain a collection of cars, equipment or facilities the FTMS task management solution allows you to define your own task management requirements. The FTMS task management software allows you to set up your maintenance schedule once, and know that the correct assignments will reliably be sent to the appropriate personnel.

Reduce regulatory fines (DOT, EPA and OSHA)

By using FTMS task management software you can reduce the regulatory compliance liability exposure imposed by DOT, EPA, OSHA and other government regulatory agencies. Regulations are constantly becoming more stringent, and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep your business in full compliance. Switching to FTMS task management software will ensure a balance between regulatory requirements and operational needs. FTMS task management software will help reduce your liability and improve your company's image as a concerned corporate citizen.

Avoid missed deadlines

Avoiding missed deadlines sounds much easier then it actually is. Many times your staff will not know an assignment has been missed until it's too late. FTMS task management software allows you to place assignments in front of your staff well in advance of their deadlines and highlight those that are approaching there due dates. You can choose your own time constraints on a per assignment basis, and give your people the information they need to meet or even exceed your expectations